Project 1 – The distorting lens – Depth of field (2)

Exercise 2.6

Use a combination of wide apertures, long focal lengths and close viewpoints to take a number of photographs with shallow depth of field. (Remember that smaller f numbers mean wider apertures.) Try to compose the out-of-focus parts of the picture together with the main subject. Add one or two unedited sequences, together with relevant shooting data and an indication of your selects, to your learning log.

This was a very difficult task.
The photos are taken in the St Pancras station (London) of the Meeting Place stand by Paul Day. These close-ups are from the bronze relief frieze around the plinth. It was pretty dark and I didn’t have a tripod with me. Everything was handheld photographed.


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I have tried to put the focus of a single head in the relief. The DOF was very shallow. The wide aperture of f5.6 and the long focal length of 300mm equiv works very well.

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