Project 2 – Lens work (Manual Alvarez Bravo)

Manual Alvarez Bravo

 Manuel Alvarez Bravo has said of himself, “I was born in the city of Mexico, behind the Cathedral, in the place where the temples of the ancient Mexican gods must have been built.”

Bravo was a self-taught Mexican photographer who became Mexico’s emblematic figure and the Mexican Renaissance. He was deeply rooted in the culture of the Mexican people. In his photos he embraced pictorialism, cubism and all possibilities offered by abstractions. He later turned to documentary photography.

I was struck by the modern approach of Bravo when I first saw his early photographs. Somehow I never thought that photographs so far off the main centres of art in Europe and North America could have such modern look.


The same one can see in his photo ‘Inspiration’


The documentary photographs centres around people displayed in their own environment, sometimes caught unexpectedly.

52661978-94e1-4656-bd47-204ba0b787a7 bravo_1 bravo2

I am sure that all these early photos were arranged as the candid photography wasn’t possible with these large cameras (or was he using a Leica?)

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