Project 2 – Lens work (My own work)

All these images were taken a long time ago before I started the course.


The ‘Tulip Field’ shows the red flowers in front with a limited DoF so the background is blurred out.

Sabrina Visit 2006-0010

This image of Table Mountain was taken small aperture to allow a large depth of field. The rocks in front are in focus as well as the background.

Sabrina Visit 2006-0154

The same idea at the Cape Town castle.

Summer Weekend 2010-059

This was done with a 105mm macro lens. A very shallow DoF with the bee in focus.

Wales Trip 2010-0340

A shallow DoF again with the rod iron work and the date of 1779 in focus. The river is blurred out. All the following images applied the same technique.

Wales Trip 2010-0402

Window of a Victorian chemist.


Effigies in the St Ippolytes church in Hitchin


A disused trailer


Sculptures  as Butlers Wharf London

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