Project 2 – Visual skills (Lines)

Exercise 1.3 (2) Line

Take a number of shots using lines to flatten the pictorial space. To avoid the effects of perspective, the sensor/film plane should be parallel to the subject and you may like to try a high viewpoint (i.e. looking down). Modern architecture offers strong lines and dynamic diagonals, and zooming in can help to create simpler, more abstract compositions.

Strong lines of a building rising. Diagonal lines in front sets a contra point.
Several horizontal lines. Two light spots in the top draw some attention.
Another image of strong lines going up. It still shows perspective as the camera wasn’t parallel.
This image shows horizontal as vertical lines. This time the camera was parallel and it looks abstract.
Tried the same here but the reflection in the glass shows that it is not parallel.
Lines are pointing up. They are moving out of the frame and leave the eye no way back into the picture. Horizontal lines in the background.


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