Project 2 – Visual skills (Lines)

Exercise 1.3 (1) Line

Take a number of shots using lines to create a sense of depth. Shooting with a wide-angle lens (zooming out) strengthens a diagonal line by giving it more length within the frame.

A rising diagonal line (train tracks) feels harmonious. The line leaves the frame and disappears in the distance. The person waiting for the train serves as a point and balances the image.
The falling diagonal line draws the eyes into the lower right of the frame. Unfortunately there isn’t anything of interest. The yellow platform line divides the image in the middle. It offers the escalator on the left as visual contra point.
This time the rising diagonal line seems to end at a person walking down walkway. The line leads the viewer from the ‘No Parking’ signage to the pedestrian at the outer left frame. The pedestrian is perhaps a little bit too close to the frame.
This almost abstract image shows the lines of a pavement starting from the lower left end and rising to the upper left corner. Several lines changing in colour almost form a pattern (stripes).


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