Project 2 – Visual skills (Points)

Exercise 1.2 (1)

Take two or three photographs in which a single point is placed in different parts
of the frame. (A ‘point’ should be small in relationship to the frame; if it’s too large
it becomes a shape.)

I tried this composition first but thought that the background is too busy for this purpose:

I rather use these photos of a sprinkler alarm for the point exercise 1.2. It is less busy and should be fit for purpose.

EyV_part1-11  EyVpart1-11x
First image has the point right in the middle. Very obvious and dominant as it is balanced to all sides of the frame. We know that the sprinkler alarm bell is the point of interest. There are 3 tension distances in this image, one to the upper and lower edge (1), one to the right and left edge (2) and the last one to the four corners (3).
EyV_part1-13 EyVpart1-13x
Image number 2 has the point right in the upper right corner. This is very unbalanced and lots of tension. We somehow looking for the reason why it is right at the edge. What is the purpose? All tensions are spreading from bell into all directions
EyV_part1-14 EyVpart1-14x
Image 3 looks better balanced and more appealing. Even so there 5 tension and it seems to be harmonic.

So the image looks more appealing if the point is located off-centre and somewhat proportional in relationship to the frame. For example, if the point is very close to the frame it doesn’t look pleasant.

Is there a right or wrong place for the point?
I don’t think that there is a right or wrong. Different positions serve different purposes.

The eye seems to examine the photo from the top left to the bottom right looking for points of interests.

EyV_part1-15 EyVpart1-15x
EyV_part1-16 EyVpart1-16x
EyVpart1-38 EyVpart1-38x
EyVpart1-39 EyVpart1-39x
EyVpart1-40 EyVpart1-40x

We seems to start always from the top left corner and than look for a point (of interest).
After that we scan the rest of the image.


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